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Nanomedic Spincare"Change lives not dressing"

The Spincare System is a unique, one-of-a-kind portable electrospinning system that prints the Spincare matrix directly on the patient, using our proprietary single-use, disposable solution ampule. This matrix behaves as a temporary skin substitute and as such, provides the wound or skin lesions with an optimal environment for healing. It is breathable and permeable with excellent porosity for drainage to pass while also acting as a barrier against micro-organisms thereby reducing risk of infection. It adheres to the wound allowing free movement, reduced pain, and regular showers. It stays on the wound until the full healing process is complete and peels off by itself when the wound has healed. The Spincare matrix closely conforms to the wound’s surface, shape, and area, fitting any structure or wound morphology. It solves both the short-term and long-term healing challenges.


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Spincare prints – in real-time, a nanofibrous healing matrix ?directly onto a patient’s wound that bio-mimics the structure of natural skin.

This matrix ?provides a transparent protective physical barrier, allowing for easy monitoring of the healing ?process while reducing the risk of infection. The unique matrix, which bio-mimics the structure of the ?human extracellular matrix, can be enhanced with a variety of additives – from antibacterial, ?collagen, and ?adhesive materials, to even embedded ?human cells – for a wide range of complex ?clinical applications.? The cost-effective and easy-to-use device provides care teams with flexible, ?full coverage of even hard-to-dress areas while enabling patients to quickly return to active life, ?with improved mobility and excellent healing and scarring. The Spincare matrix serves as a ?temporary skin layer until the full healing of the wound with no need to replace or change it peels ?off on its own when the wound is healed and serves as a physical barrier for bacteria. The ?printing is done from a 20 cm distance without any contact between the patient and the medical ?staff, reducing the risk for infection

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Aroa Biosurgicals - Endoform

Endoform™ Antimicrobial Restorative Bioscaffold and Endoform™ Natural Restorative Bioscaffold are unique extracellular matrix (ECM) products for the management of acute and chronic wounds. Endoform™ products support all phases of wound healing and are appropriate for use early in wound management to restore protease balance and advance healing to the proliferative phase.

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AROA ECM™ is a proprietary extracellular matrix (ECM) biomaterial containing a rich and complex mix of biological molecules that is the building block for our range of soft tissue repair products.

AROA ECM™ is manufactured from the ovine (sheep) forestomach tissue, sourced exclusively from New Zealand pasture-raised animals.(1) The source tissue is minimally processed to separate tissue layers and decellularize the tissue ECM. The resulting bioscaffold technology has the structure, composition and function of the ECM that is found in all our soft tissues.

How It Works

Cells and the surrounding soft tissue extracellular matrix (ECM) constantly interact to modulate tissue physiology in a process called dynamic reciprocity.(1) In this process, matrix components play an important role in regulating tissue growth, maintenance and orchestrating the process of tissue regeneration. AROA ECM™ retains the authentic structure, signaling and substrates of tissue ECM to help guide tissue repair.(2, 3) Furthermore, AROA ECM™ retains the delicate micro-architecture of tissue ECM to influence the way cells attach, migrate, grow and differentiate.(4)

AROA ECM™ contains more than 150 ECM proteins that are known to be important in the healing process including structural proteins, adhesion proteins, proteoglycans, growth factors and basement membrane.(5) Components in the AROA ECM™ are also shown to attract stem cells.(6)

AROA ECM™ also contains residual vascular channels,(7) that facilitate the rapid establishment of a dense capillary network by supporting migrating endothelial cells to establish new vasculature and a robust blood supply to help build new tissue.(8)

AROA ECM™ is non-cross-linked to preserve the native matrix structure and reduce the risk of negative inflammatory responses due to cross-linking