Bionime Glucometer


NIKKISO DBB -27 Hemodialysis system

DBB 27 is one of the most reliable and cost saving machines to meet request of standard HD treatment with simple features.

DBB 27 Specifications

hd machine

Dimensions Specifications: H122 cm x W 30 cm X D 37cm
Power Consumption: 1.66 units(including heat rinse) per dialysis
Minimum usage (Special Duplex Pump Hydraulics) Per cleaning
Patient Record 16 patient automatic record, no need to keep manual record
NIBP Module Nikkiso active BPM with biofeedback signal activation
Self test Microcomputer, Blood monitor and UFRC
Forecast:TMP Auto forecast monitoring
Power Supply One CR2032 Battery
Monitoring Continuous monitoring for discharge value of Duplex and UF pump
Valve Condition monitoring Available

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Diacare Dialyzer reprocessing system

Diacare machine pics

Display Touch screen capacitive 7"
Electronics 1.4 GHZ processor, USB and Ethernet, Bluetooth, Built in Back up
Safety alarm: Pressure, Tank fill, Tank Drain, Concentration, Port Leak, TBV fail etc
Dialyzer test Pressure test and Volume test
Reprocessing Time 12 mins for 2 dialyzer
Sterilant Peroxy Plus RP
Water pressure 20-30 PSI
Power Supply 230 V AC
Water flow 3L/min
Power 150 Watt
Operating Relative Humidity & Temp 10~90%; 6 to 44 deg C
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